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Restorative Yoga with Sarah

January 1st class is free, so come and bring a friend! (Please pre-register on Mindbody! Limited space available)

Restorative yoga is a gentle class with the aid of props- blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. The temperature in the room is cooler, so dress warm and comfortable. Restorative yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing our heart rate and allowing us to feel ease. This practice is great for anyone looking to slow down, to relieve stress, to calm the excessive mind chatter, or even those recovering from injuries. Restorative is beneficial for insomnia and promoting deep sleep. Fully supported by props, we allow our mind to let go of tension, which releases negative thought patterns and stiffness in the body. Come nourish yourself with this deep restorative practice.

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