Booking + Cancelation Policy

As our class sizes grow we are urging all current and prospective students to start reserving your class spot using Mindbody. We want to make sure our students get the most out of every class, so we don’t run out of space or props. We really don’t want to have to turn anyone away at the door. Some classes may fill up, but don’t worry there is a waitlist! If someone cannot make it your spot will open up and you will automatically be added to the class.

If you have never used Mindbody before, here are some simple instructions! It is a real easy setup and you should only have to log in once!

You can download the free app here:

This part is important, so listen up. 🙂 If you have ALREADY visited the studio or bought a class online, you already have an account! Please do not make a new one. All you have to click is, “Need a new password” and use the email address you gave us, and all your info will be ready for you when you log in.

Simply search for Soul Yoga Fenton (if it’s not there already). From here you can reserve your spot by clicking “Book” next to the class you want to take. You can also purchase new passes, view our daily deals on certain classes, & get more information on upcoming events/workshops!

Once you book the classes you want to attend, you will be prompted to add them to your personal calendar, so you can stay committed to plan around each class.

Please note: If you “Book” a class and are a no-show or cancel within 1 hour before the class, Mindbody will subtract a class pass from your account. If you have an unlimited membership, you will be charged $5. If something comes up and you cannot make your class, simply jump on the app and cancel your booking. It’s that simple!

If you do not have a smartphone, you can still access your account by visiting our website and selecting, “Classes > Schedule in the menu to plan out your classes by selecting “Enroll” next to the class/es you’d like to book. The same rule applies here, if you already have visited the studio, you have an account and do not need a new one. You just need a new password.

We appreciate each and every one of you and want you to get the most out of each yoga class you attend and package you purchase!